Tyvek Materials Labels

• When you need to tag equipment in the toughest conditions, Tyvek will stand up to the elements. While easily writable with pen, pencil, or marker, they are also waterproof, puncture proof, mildew resistant, and are not affected by most chemicals. Tyvek tags are approved for use with foodstuffs and, with little lint, are often found in clean rooms.
• Order your tag from our stock or design one with your artwork.
• All tags have metal eyelets for extra tear resistance.

The toughest, most durable tag on the market. These tear-proof, weatherproof, and chemical resistant tags are low lint and ideal for artifact identification purposes. Pre-punched, reinforced hole allows you to attach your own string, wire or twist tie (not included), depending upon your particular application.

Blank Tyvek Tags are weatherproof, tear proof, lightweight and the most durable tag offered by Seton. Tyvek Tags come in white or brightly colored background options for every tagging and identification need.

Durable Tyvek tags, with metal eyelets for extra strength. Choose plain (no attachment) or 12″ 26 gauge wire already attached. A 3/16″ metal eyelet reinforces the hole so the hang tag remains securely fastened, under the toughest conditions! Tyvek shipping tags are rugged and flexible enough to survive rough handling and resist tearing and punctures. Since Tyvek is waterproof and mildew-proof, it can be used outdoors. Tyvek resists oil, grease and chemicals, and due to low lint content, can be used in sterile environments. Tyvek tags have excellent ink adhesion, a smooth surface for writing and imprinting, and can be used with food products.